Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My January Pay sheet.

Freelancer is a good platform to earn serious money. Look at my this months pay sheet. and January is still not end.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To become

How to become a succesful freelancer.

step 1.
Register with  FREELANCER.COM

step 2.
You will have to work on your profile. Complete the profile. It is very important. Most of the eployers are interested about the facts in your profile.

Complete your portopolio too.Add some sample works their.

step 4.
Add skills. This step is crucial. You are allowed to bet only on jobs which are belonged to these skill categories.

step 5
As a new commer (free member) you shall get 10 chances to bet on projects. So use your brain to choose the best possible jobs to bet.


Monday, January 14, 2013

some latest stats about freelancer

some latest stats about freelancer

Full of opertunities...

Freelancer is full of opertunities for everybody. Any person with a talent shall make money with freelancer. There are milions of job opertunities under hundreds of job catogiries.

This is a small part of listed job categories in Freelancer. Red marked once are categories selected by me. Since I am good with writing most of my selections are under that subject. I know some graphic designing too. So I choosed few job categories under thet section too. Talented graphic designers working under freelancer are making a lot.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

online jobs.

Is it  possible to make money online? Yes it is. But not as easy as some people say. First thing to remember is that people do not pay you for nothing. Online or off you will have to work hard and lot of commitments are necessary. Next thing is that you got to be honest. Never try to cheat your employer. Instead try to gain their trust.

Look at the figures below. It shall not be Hugh. But it is summery sheet of a real online money making. Actually the amount is increasing as the trust grows up. Non of these were made via easy jobs.Lot of commitments and hard works are involved in this.

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