Friday, August 22, 2014

Another successful earning sheet

Hello guys,
This is my latest pay sheet. Might not be much for some people. But for me it is a big sum. I live in a Asian country and the currency rate for US$ s is around 140. So multiple this amount in 140 and see the result.


And I didn't spent a cent while earning this amount. The only skill I have as a freelancer is writing. Anyway my writing skills are not the best. My English has many short comings. So considering these facts I can be totally proud of what I earn.

For those who have more talents the earning possibilities with freelancer is limitless.

If you are interested in freelancing and new their please don't forget to visit their "contests" section. Anyone can join these and these are pre-paid. So the winner always gets paid. This section is usually good for people with graphic designing skills, programmers and web site developers. Every day new projects are added. While trying to win bids try to win contests as well.

To go to contests section,

Go to freelancer - go to "brows projects"- go to "brows contests".

1 comment:

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